5 Famous Book Genres

Reading a good book is a way of life, a way to learn, and most of all a way to escape for a few minutes from the daily hassle that we all have to go through. However, what are the best books to read? How do you know what kind of book you are going to immerse yourself in next? The best way to answer this inquiry is to understand book genres. By knowing what genres that are a growing trend, you will have an easier idea of what type of book you might pick out for your next read and what type of genre that will give you that extra spark you are looking to light.


Therefore, we have decided to put together a list of the top 5 best famous book genres for you. We picked out the top 5 famous genres based off their net income last year, and we used the results of a popular website called “Bookstr” who has recorded information on the statistics. We also looked into “Ebook Friendly”, to get their statistics to help improve the odds of the top 5 best famous book genres.


  1. Fantasy

Fantasy is an amazing genre full of witches, warlocks, unicorns, dragons, hobbits, other worlds, and so much more. If you feel that you just do not want to think about the life that you are living in, pick up a fantasy genre book and you will in just a few seconds of reading it will be taken away to a new land. Fantasy is a famous book genre because it is one of the top moneymakers. According to Bookstr, “Fantasy genre books earned up to $590.2 million dollars last year”


  1. Romance


Romance has a way to fill the need of love. Plain and simple, it is for those people that are hopeless romantics or those wishing they had a love in a different light. Romance can take you away from your current situation and almost fill the shoes of another for a brief moment. According to Bookstr, “Romance genre books netted around $1.44 billion last year”.


  1. Horror


Everyone loves to be spooked from time to time. There is always something in that neck crawling spider that can tickle your senses as you are reading a good horror book. If you feel even a bristle of your own hair touch that part of your neck, you will be jumping out of your seat. Horror is great for those who want to have a good curl up in the couch moment and be scared. According to Bookstr, “Horror genre books netted around $79.6 million last year.”


  1. Religious


Religion has gone as far back as we can remember. It was one of the first known books to become popular, and the number still have ceased to decrease. Religion genres can hold a lot of great inspiration as well as education. Reading this style of genre will only all you to broaden your mind. According to Bookstr, “Religious genre books netted $720 million last year”.


  1. Children’s Fiction


This is by far the best and the biggest genre of our time. Immersing yourself into another life, similar to fantasy only in more realistic lifestyle, children’s fiction genres have scored way above any of the other genres in the past years. According to Ebook friendly, “Children’s Fiction netted around $1 billion last year” It is one step below romance, but not far.


In conclusion, all of the genres listed above are great to read. If you know the feeling you get when you read each style of genre, it will be easier to pick out your next book. Books of all kinds of genre can give you inspiration for daily activities. Also, if by chance that you are looking for a decent book to read right now and wish to learn something like recipes using fresh tomatoes, why not pick up a cookbook? So next time you are struggling with the question of what kind of book you want to read, check again at our top 5 best famous book genres and you will in no time have another book in your hand.